10 Steps to Optimize Health During Breast Cancer Remission.

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Eat a Plant Based Diet

A plant-based diet is anti-inflammatory, low glycemic and rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.Phytonutrients are plant compounds that fight disease and cancer. Fat and cholesterol found in meat and dairy products have cancer-fueling estrogenic effects onbreast cancer so eating a plant-based diet will help lower cholesterol, which feeds breast cancer, and the risk of breast cancer.Eating a plant-based diet and getting the animal foods out of your diet will also help reduce hormones by eliminating excess estrogens (from pregnant cows) in the diet. Also, research shows that as many as 37% of breast cancer cases may be attributable to Bovine Leukemia Virus found in cows. The risk of dying from breast cancer has been found to increase by 49% in women who eat high fat dairy products every day. Women who avoid meat and dairy products can dramatically lower their risk of breast cancer and recurrence. If you’d like to learn more about how to cook and eat a plant-based diet, email me at info@brandifunk.com for more information.

Eat More Cancer Fighting Foods

Health begins in the gut. Having a healthy gut lowers your risk of breast cancer by lowering estrogen dominance, which promotes breast cancer cell growth. A healthy gut is able to metabolize and eliminate toxic estrogen, lowering estrogen in fat and breast cells.  Good gut bacteria are essential for gut health.  Having “bad” intestinal bacteria increases cancer risk. Some intestinal bacteria have an enzyme that interferes with the elimination of estrogen, allowing it to re-enter circulation. Eating foods that feed your good gut bacteria (whole, plant based and fermented foods) and eliminating foods that feed your bad gut bacteria (refined sugar, highly processed, junk & fast foods), identifying and removing food allergens, and taking digestive enzymes and the right probiotics is key to optimal gut health.