A Roadmap To Health In Breast Cancer Remission

10 Steps to Optimize Health During Breast Cancer Remission

As a breast cancer patient, your oncology team of doctors and nurses gave you all the support and information you needed to help fight the cancer and how to deal with the side effects of treatment.

Now, as a breast cancer survivor, you may find yourself more on your own, not knowing exactly what to do or what lifestyle choices you need to make after cancer treatment. Most likely, you still feel fatigued and afraid that the breast cancer will return. You may worry constantly about recurrence, not just for yourself, but for your partner and children.

You want and need to feel energized again so that you can be there for them.

But exactly how? Where do you start?

There is so much information on the internet and from well-meaning family and friends that getting started can be overwhelming and confusing so you end up doing nothing.

Maybe you've been told to take certain supplements, teas and herbs, and to eat a certain diet, but how do you know what's safe and effective? You don't have time and money to waste guessing.

As a board certified nurse practitioner, certified toxicity and detox specialist and researcher with over 20 years of experience working with breast cancer survivors, I can tell you that there IS a better way.

I've taken years of research, education and experience and have developed a Roadmap to Health in Breast Cancer Remission to help you survive and thrive during breast cancer remission.

In my signature 12-week virtual course, I will walk you through the essential steps you must take in order to achieve optimum health and help prevent breast cancer recurrence. 

Brandi Funk, FNP, RN

Restore your HEALTH through my targeted step-by-step program
to help you look & feel great and stay in breast cancer remission

Plant-Based Nutrition

Hormone Balance

Gut Health




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Learn How to go from breast cancer patient to breast cancer survivor

Here's what we'll cover in this 12 week online course: 

Module 1 - Introduction 

Module 2 - Current Health Assessment - Labs and more

Module 3 - Gut Health/Repair 

Module 4 - Cellular Inflammation

Module 5 - Hormone Balance

Module 6 - Plant Based Nutrition

with Online Cooking Class 

Module 7 - Exercise & Ideal Weight -

90 day subscription to The 

Daily Burn included

Module 8 - The Magic of Fasting - 5 Day Fast with Prolon FMD

Module 9 - Sleep For Better Health -

Calm App Included

Module 10- Detoxification